Saturday, April 5, 2014

Word Dust

Out of a winter's slumber comes an attempt to awaken the rocks, so far, the sky has not blinked, only a pitiful sneeze has shaken the dust off the keyboard..the sun is calling, and i shall return with stories and french accents. happy tulips all!

Mots Poussiereux (Fr.)

Dans les entrailles du theatre
Parmi les costumes poussiereux
Git le ventre vide d' un artiste
Sans coeur sans honeur
Sans soupir sans odeur
Un etre compose
Se decompose
Se repose
En prose.
Word Dust. (Eng.)
Within the entrails of the theater
Among dusty costumes
Lies an artiste’s empty belly 
With neither heart nor honor
With no sigh or odor
A mere being
At repose
In prose.

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