Thursday, November 6, 2014

review of Morgidoo's Christmas Carol, by R.A. Kukkee.

Morgidoo’s Christmas Carol: by Raymond Alexander Kukkee.

“A hundred years ago”, thus begins a journey where sound travels upon snowscapes toward the center of humanity. To follow the story of this silver bell is to dwell in the lost-and-found of goodness.

The classic language holds the voice of childhood through Morgidoo’s words. It is also to trust wisdom in the enduring love of Mr and Mrs George Blister. The text depicts each exquisitely detailed scene as the plot evolves along magical suspense. Original artworks illustrate each step along the pages of this tasteful volume.

Young or adult can pause for a sustaining reading or thoughtful perusing of this contemporary classic; indeed a classy little present in a season of casual excess. This book is a mainstay of the return to the essential purpose of literature through the author’s vision.

Read aloud in a warm and comfortable place, this book has the potential to carve a secure memory path in a life cluttered with expectations. A cup of tea, a CD and Morgidoo. Best yet, Morgidoo on CD?  What a simple pleasure!

Morgidoo’s mindful pursuit aims to enlighten living, to entertain with art, and most of all to strengthen the core; in this, our celebration of sound and spirit in the form of a bell and a boy.

 a review  by nadine Sellers of the new edition of Morgidoo's Christmas Carol by author Raymond Alexander Kukkee.

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