Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pfft! Not For Everyone Magazet.

The DADA YOW community emerges again amid a climate of irrelevance and irreverence in these times of scattered wars and poorly planned patent-hood..

Who can stand still at the gates of doom?
Who will take the reins of spent monarchies?
Who else is going to cook for the badger kings?
Who then will grow the cabbage and row the boat?
Who shall chew the ink berries to print the last page?
Absurdists to the rescue, provides an element of strange sanity and sustainability...
Major or minor, there's plenty delirium in the medium of current independent magazines*

DALI : unearthed in the pages of ---PFFT! ^^^Featuring the fringe few who survive trends and counter trends within a loosely crocheted community..raking the tender undersides of literati...

As cubism was to representational art, verbal dadaism bucks formalism in the sonnet>
Keep your pentameter belted on, and meditate upon nothingness; the art of being suspended**.

Polyanna buried and Pandora unchained, somewhere within, roam free verse and untethered phrase to haunt the halls of this magazet from

Stir and sift, dilute this potent nonsense of everyday life.
Fini, the opulence, the financial flatulence..
The trees are belching black ink on colorful paper-matter,
not to be understood, but rather perused and used.
Hey? PFFT! magazet
OMPHALOS DADA YOW community...
dot org.

nadinada. for Justynn Tyme and Robert Montilla et al...


  1. RISER

    When I rose,
    began one more poem,
    filled it with commas,
    in repudiation of the Masters,
    who avoid punctuation,
    as if periods were plagues,
    and hyphens were broken,
    little hymens.

    When I lie,
    angry as Mars is alive,
    I think of the canyon there,
    holes ripped through the crusty-
    surfaced roadways
    of mythology.

    --Gordon Hilgers

  2. many deep knee bends for your fine contribution gordondada.

  3. Bald, rusty Putzkyites
    search empty fields of torture
    Pay golden minims
    flash succulent gaze as
    Reluctant cuckold, flat-hat chef too fat
    draws heady plans for whootz and whistles
    Convert protein to toots from thistles
    Dreaded end or sad beginning
    See you not, the lair is thinning?

  4. out of the wide world of words come many a surprise, i stand impressed..raymond.
    the publisher of this small magazine should be as well, Pfft!

  5. time does not permit me to grace your comments section with a poem, alas. This brightened up my day and made me laugh (especially your references to opulence and financial flatulence), as I smell the nasty odor of those big corporate contributions that support the Repugnant party...

    Great read!