Monday, March 7, 2011

an Ocean in a Bathtub.

Spring has once again taken a detour, postponing chores and serious work till further sunshine...late snows and frozen rain gracing the hillsides with shimmering decor, birds engaged in bickering and gathering what winter has left. Nature an eyeful of continuum, never deterred. Today is not for wasting, so i gather my own leftovers, words of lost meaning, recycled in a few lines, through a landscape of snow-drops and barely bulging bulbs.

Having read songs of sea and elements,
then watched the whale's acrobatics.
Mind waving along schools of silver
meandering along thermal currents.

Pulse resting and tension releasing its nasty grip.

Slowly, i let words fall, not trying to catch them.
Slowly, i swallow water and release it again.
Immersed in the mineral brine
then float about, alone in time.


  1. love this poem, Nadine. And I'm eager for spring too, it's been a VERY long winter here in New England. March has been teasing us with a bit of warm weather here and there, but always the biting cold to remind me that winter's not dead yet.

  2. Wonderful poem, Nadine, the writer is emerging again...