Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sous Ton Visage-- Under Your Face.

Under Your Face (Eng)

your visage

sculpted of peanut butter in full sun
your traits melting under weight of years
your wrinkles sliding under a frown
stranded under gravity

waiting for me on the quay
no you never cry
your creator lacked talent
mine romance

I write the scene anew
in order to replay your ego
your pride lost under dust

the train arrives
my stomach slides
I retain the essential
under other skies
to my own rhythm

everywhere I replay you
I meet you mother finally relieved
under funerary ashes

Sous Ton Visage (Fr)

ton visage

sculpté de pâte d' arachide en plein soleil
tes traits fondant sous le poids des années
tes rides glissant sous sourcils froncés
tu gits là sous force de gravité

m' attendant sur le quai.
non tu ne pleures jamais
ton crèateur a manqué de talent
le mien de roman

et j'écris la scène de nouveau
afin de rejouer ton moi
ta fierté perdue sous poussière

le train qui arrive
mon estomac qui dérive
je retiens l'essentiel
sous d'autres ciels
à mes propres rythmes

et partout je te rejoue
je te rencontre mère enfin soulagée
sous cendres funèraires.


  1. just curious, how was your relationship with your mom? Was she someone who never showed emotion?

  2. poetry paints over reality in slow strokes to mask the holes and fill the gaps.
    you read it right. it's a cultural lack. i did not translate's a language slack.

  3. @Nadine, much like one can smooth a peanut-butter sculpture ,one may also smooth memories of battered relationships from the disquiet of the past into soothing ointment for the translation required.

  4. Raymond, as i wrote this in french, i tilted my head in mournful regret after a trip home..when translated, much later, i had lost the impetus of forgiveness and empathy.
    if i portrayed a wooden mind, i missed the hysterical quality and by-passed the needful tug of such relationships.
    sadness sips into the cracks when i knew how to heal, and she knew how to suffer.