Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Women' s Month Ongoing.

  In order to commemorate half the world of humanity, i shall post poem or prose a day.
The feminine side of all in all its aspects. An exercise in blogging and topic maintenance.
This humble beginning was published on Durable Goods, a micro mag which is printed and edited by Aleathia Dremmer--a Wonderful Woman. mother and friend, with a keen eye for the written word.

Two women

one solemn one silly

sat at a wooden table
and read each other' s work
they laughed they cried
written words to surface
to show to share
kitchen wisdom
in great rifts of passion
dressed in light fare

some solemn some silly

one classic one rustic
borrowing burying
sorrows in serious lines
writings of toil
memories of soil
never far from tears
never faint from fears
they laughed at the script

some solemn some silly

nadine sellers written in Colton CA on a steamy day...years ago.


  1. must apologize once more for the failed dark print. saved in .doc format and still unsuccessful posting..many deep bows for this..ns

  2. this reminds me of a very close friend...thanks for sharing.

  3. Nadine, you can change the text colour after the fact by clicking on the "edit" ("X" wrench/screwdriver) that can be seen on the article lower right corner if you have entered via the dashboard, then highlight the text and choose the colour. Touch the highlighted area and voila!

  4. since i never enter through conventional doors, i must blindly find my way into everything..and thanks, i did..made it aqua, for water week..with pink glow on rose blush for women's month, aren't i colorful all of a sudden..