Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sustopia: the trip back to ourselves.

Sub-topic. about sustopia.

Today, i tracked the path to my blog, how do you find me out there? And i noticed that readers are concerned with keyword usage, tags, categories, links, trackbacks, i'm on the trail to something. I want to explore the one word attributed to a previous post... Sustopia.

Atopia would bring a case of boredom, mindless travels through mere existence.
Dystopia reminds us of the dysfunctional family of man, the neurotic crowding and misery inflicted upon individuals.
Hypertopia could represent the Affluenza syndrome so well depicted in documentary by same name.
Utopia has long been debunked as a dream state of back-to-the-landers' lovely imagination.
Sustopia is a life, artful and sustainable, characterized by achievable compatibility with natural laws and mindful living.

Now Sustainable activity is the social experiment we must strive for, not to belong, not to impress, but to correct the atopic negligence which has plagued the industrial conscience of the past century. With the exception of some clerics, philosophers, artists and scientists, most of society has lived a superficial course through daily living. A life delineated in confusing designs around a clock, a calendar and a paycheck. Yes! each one has a degree of conscionable moments interspersed with less than mindful actions.

In this time of renewed awareness, man has access to scientific data. No more playing hide-and-seek with the conscience anymore. Media carry the message in print, screen and sound. No use closing eyes, it is in the air, the taste of the water, the feel of the cloth. This synthetic subjective shell we have acclimated ourselves to is spoiling our future and our forever.

To reach a state of sustainability will take the efforts of the many. The mental voyage begins in individual homes, anywhere to everywhere. regardless of personality, or socio-economic status, each human has the capacity to reverse the ecologic damage caused by material demands. Not because of mass consumption, but because of compulsive acquisition. It's not the one teddy bear nor one sugary pastry, it's not one more car or one prettier is the sum total of all the consumption by all the people which amounts to an ocean of nasty waste.

Personal interest has catapulted fashions to excessive amounts, credit has enabled purchase beyond means, and neurotic lifestyles have broken down basic sanity. Now look at any green site and read the facts, depress yourself, feel the anger, but not for long. Save the energy to apply to the rest of your days. Energy to engage your senses in the discovery of new ways to attain that rapprochement with your basic nature.

We have been told to bond, to heal that inner child within each of us, well now that we've read or ignored all the self-help books and gone off diets and craft binges in the name of hedonism. One more and hopefully last effort for equilibrium. Let's learn to enjoy nature, no, not bugs and frogs--unless for food or fun?
Nature, ah! breathing clean air, doing our part to keep it clear, i'll make a list of all that one can do toward diminishing damage to the environment..

No, i haven't read the books,writing them, nor obeyed any diet, growing them organically, neither have i done trendy crafts, too busy in daily motion, tilling the grounds of my new lives..treading lightly on vegetation like a careful cat.

There are as many ways to repair polluting habits as there are to promote them, the sane course would be to use the same marketing habits which have driven us to depletion, devastation and degradation. And then to advertise our way back out of this mess we've made of our surroundings. The environment is not some mysterious place out there in the big screen or out of the car window. The environment is not one park with bison and bears, it is you, your couch, your lettuce, all around and inside you. How well do you feel in your skin? In your head? In your home. Tell me..

So on to Sustopia together or separately. Till we learn to live within our ecological means. basics = will it grow back--will it flow downhill and will it kill everything all the way to the fish in the deep deep sea?

A new parlor game: describe each step the building of your newest gadget incurred to reach your home...mining the metal, digging the oil to transport it, melting the plastic, making the ink on the leaflet etc..count the ways, count the cost to each of the lives, and yours, and your descendants...good night, sleep tight, if you can.