Monday, February 11, 2013

Happiness is Here to Stay.

Here is a flash - 150 words written for fiction's shorties on "Flash in the Pan". It is quite a discipline to contain a word driven micro scenario within specific word count. February's word? 'happiness'.

Molten pavement stuck to her feet in blazing red and black holes through thin soles. Oblivious to pain, blind to flashing neon ahead. She moved her legs as an automaton in a window on the Vegas strip.

She exhaled inaudible words through chapped lips. Dusk fell around her and the conversation behind her eyes played as plausible scenario. Somewhere ahead, she' d find a fountain, clean up and drink till sated.

Soon she would see the end of her long journey. All she owned was tucked in the leather bag dangling from her clavicle, she held it tighter out of urban reflex..what would she do if she found him? Nails digging into her palm, jaws clenched, she walked on.

She saw him holding that woman. She turned around, walked into the club's fountain to soak her feet and have a drink of reality. A bright sign spelled “ Happiness Is Here”